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Guide for Making Deals on Live Casino Games in 2019

Casino games are very popular among gamblers all over the world. This huge public admiration has inspired the launch of online casino games, which are played in exactly the same manner as done in the real casino clubs. However, interested players need to know some details about playing live casino games successfully. Accurate knowledge will help them in experiencing the real-life feel of gambling in the actual casino bars while participating in these live casinos. The players also need to have an idea about choosing the most enjoyable online casino games that will make the best use of their spare time.

Some expert casino players have chosen to use their skills in conducting live casino games, as the professional dealers appointed by the reputed casino bars. These casino experts make sure to deliver the best gambling experience to the live casino players, which they could get only in a real casino. Their advice regarding the best online casinos will certainly benefit the new players, who may feel dazed in choosing the right casino games for playing at their leisure time.

The transformation from real-life casinos to online casino games

Gambling has been a favorite pastime of common people since ages, which led to the rise of several casinos in many prominent cities of the world. These casino bars are still operating successfully, in spite of going through many wars, natural calamities, and other disasters. With the growing use of internet among the people worldwide from the early ‘90s, many well-established casinos shifted their focus to online casino games for the enthusiastic players of all countries. This sudden transformation is a great change in the history of the casino industry, which is a flourishing sector in many parts of the world.

This revolutionary change in the casino industry is also credited to the expertise of software professionals and media sector. Several popular casino games, like Roulette, Slots, and Baccarat are suitably modified to form the live casino games for all online players. Thus, this immense fame of live casino games is materialized due to some leading companies of these sectors, among which Microgaming Software Systems, NetEnt Casino, and Playtech plc are the most noteworthy names. The experts associated with these companies have developed various online casino games, by adding new features for making games easier and more exciting for the players. The love of common people for these live casino games is proved by the increasing numbers of traffic visiting these websites regularly.

From 2000s onwards, these online casino gaming sites have introduced an active dealer for conducting every game, to bring a more realistic feel to these virtual games. Now, many skeptic people prefer to play online casino games than the real onsite casinos, as they can clearly watch the proceedings of these online games, with the help of webcams attached on those real casino tables.  No automated software is used for the operations of these casino games, as usually done in case of other online games. Therefore, many passionate gamblers prefer live casino games over the onsite casinos, as they find more scopes of winning while playing online.

Important aspects of live casino games

Live casino games are quite different from the ordinary online games, based on the operation styles and conductance of these games. Usually, most of the online games are completely software automated; whereas the live casino games are controlled by human dealers, as done in case of onsite casinos.  So the computerized Random Number Generator or RNG is not needed for the proper functioning of live dealer games. If any player feels doubtful about the authenticity of card dealings or wheel spins; he may feel more comfortable to see the casino game operations directly in front of his eyes, on the screen of his mobile or computer. All the activities of the casino game dealer can be seen through the webcam while he conducts the game that is streaming live to the device of the player.

The habit of playing a live casino game provides much entertainment but tends to be quite expensive for common people. These online casino games are more addictive for regular players, compared to other online games. Thus, inexperienced players may end up in losing a hefty amount of money in betting for casino games; like Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat. Moreover, the live casino games are quite expensive, due to the addition of the dealers’ high fees and other expenses needed for running a casino. Hence, casino tournaments are really costly for the participants. So it is best to find free practice sessions offered in some live casino games, where the new players can bet without depositing money.

Operation procedures of a live casino game dealer

The continuous upgrades in IT industry have led to the betterment in the features of live casino games. Now the internet connection has become much speedier and the improved streaming technology has made the live shows and games more enjoyable. So the current experience of playing live casino games is exactly the same as people feel while playing onsite in the renowned casino clubs. Hence, the passionate gamblers enjoy these online casino games as much as people are excited to play in the real casinos.

These live casino games are usually operated by human dealers, unlike other online games that are controlled by software. These dealers actually hand out the cards on the real tables of Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat, which the online players can see instantly through webcams. The presence of these live dealers has made these online casino games so realistic and more thrilling for the players. Moreover, the players can chat online with the other players involved in a game, which help them socialize with others and feel the suspense associated with these amazing casino games. The players need to know the details of every live casino game and the benefits that can be availed while playing these games online.

Usual benefits obtained by playing live casino games

The interested gamblers can now enjoy the fun and excitement of playing casino games from the comfort of their homes, just by entering the websites that offer the facility of playing live casino games. In spite of being played online, all the original features and essence of classic casino games are accurately maintained while streaming live to the screens of online players. Many renowned casinos offer more specialized live casino games, which help the players to win handsome amounts of money on betting online. Hence, lots of people want to join online the tables of these multiplayer casino games, to enjoy their free time and simultaneously get the chances of earning some extra money.

Few universally admired live casino games

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Sic Bo
  • Card Hold’em

Live Roulette game

Roulette is a popular live casino game that is played by spinning a large wheel with plenty of numbers. The winning opportunity in this game is based totally on the luck of the player and no special strategy is needed for playing this game. Hence, the online players feel more excited while the wheel is rotated by a live dealer on the casino table. There are varieties of Roulette games; namely American Roulette and European Roulette. The players should check all the rules of playing these games, by going through the Betting Strategy webpage before starting to play this live casino game.

Live Blackjack game

Blackjack is known as the most popular casino game and thus, live Blackjack game has earned similar admiration from the enthusiastic online gamblers worldwide. In this online game, the participants play against other online gamers and also against the live casino dealers operating those games. All the rules of live Blackjack game are the same as those followed while playing this game onsite at a real casino bar. The online players need to read all these rules from the webpage containing all information about game strategies, before betting on this exciting live casino game.

Live Baccarat game

Baccarat is a favorite casino game for lots of gamblers and now, live Baccarat is also quite popular among online gamers. Though it is not still as popular as Blackjack or Roulette; many players prefer to join this live casino game at their leisure time. If an online player takes a seat at an empty table of live Baccarat, he will soon be joined by the actual dealer of that game. Further information regarding this live casino game can be found on the Baccarat Rules and Strategies web pages of Casino Top 10, which is a trustworthy casino guide for online gamers.

Live Sic Bo

Sic Bo is now quite popular among the online gamblers and offered by many renowned live casino gaming sites. In a live game of Sic Bo, 3 dices are rolled by the casino dealer on the casino table. The players need to place their bets online for the net probable results that will be obtained from these rolled dices. This is highly entertaining for the excited gamers and they may learn more about the rules of this game from Sic Bo Online Guide.

Live Hold’em

Hold’em is a fascinating poker game that is adored by all casino lovers. In every game of live Hold’em, the live casino dealer shuffles a normal 52-cards deck and the online players need to choose the best five card poker hand, to beat the hand of the dealer. The players may get well accustomed with the rules of this live casino game from Live Hold Em Guide, where they will also get the list of best casinos that offer live games for their online players.

Reasons for employing live dealers for online casino games

Normally, the environment of a casino club becomes more competitive and exciting due to the conductance of games by an expert dealer for each table. Some avid casino players may doubt about the availability of the same excitement and fun in playing online casino games. So all the renowned casino clubs now keep live dealers for conducting their online casino games, which are streamed live to the devices of the players. Thus, the players can feel the real-life experience of playing casino games even while betting online. The introduction of live dealers has regained the trust and love of casino players for online casino games. The fairness of these casino games cannot be obtained by the computerized software programs, which can be made possible only by the human dealers. Also, the operations by live casino dealers prevent the risks of hacking into the casino network for manipulating the computer software. So no online player can get an undue advantage over others while playing live casino games. Now, all casinos prefer to use an actual deck of 52 cards, rather than using software for generating the numbers on which online players may bet.

All the rules of playing various live casino games are exactly the same as the ones followed for playing onsite games in the casinos. As the live dealers shuffle the cards instead of Random Number Generator software, these games seem to be more realistic for the players. Likewise, the live dealers spin the wheels in Roulette or similar casino games in real time, thus giving the taste of playing real casino games to the online players.

Advantages availed by playing live casino games

Now, more and more people acknowledge the merits of playing online casino games, which is fast gaining popularity even over the onsite casinos at different parts of the world. The players find the online gaming experience more enjoyable than playing at the real casino tables.

  • The live casino games render the real-life experience of playing at the actual casinos, due to the vast similarities of these online games with the onsite ones.
  • The online players can chat instantly with other online casino players and also with the live dealers handling their casino games.
  • As the cards are really handed or wheels are actually rotated for playing the live casino games, the players feel the thrill of real possibilities of winning. They can rely on the live dealers more than the random probabilities created by the software programs, as they can see the live proceedings of these games directly at the real time.
  • Live dealers are more successful in drawing the keen attention of online players while betting on various types of online casino games. On the contrary, people do not feel so much interested in playing random game situations created by the computerized software.

Enjoy playing live casino games at your free time

The casinos have evolved from the man’s earnest desire for gambling at leisure times. Different types of exciting games are played in these casinos, where people bet on these games. Now, the launch of live casino games is similarly welcomed by the passionate gamblers, who find these online casino games as enjoyable as the onsite games at real casinos. Therefore, people admire the streaming technology that enables the live shows of these casino games on the screens of mobiles or computers of the players. There are many casinos that offer live dealer games for the entertainment of online players from all over the world. So it is best to choose the most reliable live casino games for making use of free time in the most beneficial way.





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