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The history of Sic Bo goes back to the origins of games in old China, the word Sic Bo means literally a pair of dices although the game is actually spoken with three dices to add an element of oriental intrigue into the equation! Sic Bo is, essentially, a simple dice game. The game is historically thought to be made of bricks, twisted between two plates and a revolving bowl that over time adapted to the common variant of dice and cage shakers in the current version of the casino

. The game in Macau, which refers to the most popular betting options, is widely played under the name Dai Siu. In concept, the game is also similar to a Grand Hazard English game. Throughout the history of Sic Bo the game has become more and more popular in the west and is now played on many western casinos throughout Southeast Asia, Korea, China and, in particular, because of movement of populations from those countries to the west during the nineteenth century. The purpose of the bet is to include combinations of two or three or three of the dices, single, two of a kind, or three of a kind, as a result of a role for the three dices.

The maximum odds for a particular triple are $180:1 (this requires all three dices to show the selected triple eg 3x 2) Sic Bo payouts may be very big. At the bottom of the spectrum 1:1 payouts are only one dice for betting on. Similarly, payouts 1:1 are small bets, a wager of between 4 and 10 (although that doesn’t pay for triple 1 bets, 2 or 3), or big bets of between 11 and 17 (other than triple bets, 4 and 5) for the total of three dices. The game is played on a table which shows the 50 allowable bets and their associated payout in picturesque fashion. Players place their bets on the appropriate game table section, similar to the roulette section. The winning combinations are normally flashed into a basket by the dealer, who enters the results on the table. Finally, the dealer pays the lucky winners and eliminates the failing bets.

Last modified: May 9, 2019

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